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Many of us have grown up with the dream of travelling into space, something that has only been possible for a few fit, trained individuals. Using rockets, astronauts experience strong forces of acceleration, and the deceleration force on re-entry is even stronger.

The Space Cable can assist high-acceleration launches into space (see Gateway to the Planets and Beyond,) but most tourists are likely to prefer the space gondola with a speed like that of a train. Travellers in the gondola will not experience weightlessness, but they will see breathtaking views of the planets, stars, galaxies and other bodies, and they can admire the earth from space.

Those seeking adventure could engage in a new sport by diving from space and skimming the top of the Earth's atmosphere as they descend. This experience includes a time of weightlessness. Since the descent is not from orbit but from a stationary position, burn-up at re-entry is not a great issue. To slow the descent in the upper atmosphere, parachutes should be sufficient.

To deal with emergencies, the space gondola should have the capability to glide back down to Earth. This experience can also be offered as an option to tourists wanting to experience weightlessness.
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